How to Write a Song

A lot is finally happening on the Brigands front, but I wanted to mention a new website which I recently launched entitled ““. This is a website on which I’ll be teaching people how to write, record, and market their very own music and all that that entails.

I wrote a post on where to find inspiration for songwriting the other day and completed work on my new book which I’ve titled: “How to Write a Song – The ‘No BS’ Songwriter’s Bible”. This eBook is based entirely on my own methods of songwriting which I use to create ideas out of nothing, bolster existing song ideas, get over writers block, write lyrics, write huge hooks, and much much more.

You can read about and purchase the roughly 100 page eBook on that site by clicking on this link for how to write a song.

Don’t forget to check back at from time to time as I’ll be tackling new topics regularly and I have designs on it being a great authority resource for first time musicians who are interested in creating and sharing their music with the world.

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