“All That’s Left Is Now” Now Available on BandCamp

all that's left is now album cover

All That’s Left Is Now“, the sixth original full length album from Brigands, is now available exclusively via the Brigands BandCamp website. The album will appear everywhere else you stream or purchase music in the next week, but if you want to stream it or purchase it now you can pick it up via the BandCamp.

Once again the tracklisting and now the artwork are below:all that's left is now album cover

1 – Creecy
2 – Are You Listening
3 – Were Those The Good Days
4 – Marisa (Funeral Advantage Song 3)
5 – Is This The End
6 – Today is Your Birthday
7 – PM Sun
8 – I Wish You Would Have Known Me Before
9 – You Against the World
10 – The Evidence
Bonus Track – Last Breath