Where Have You Been, Where Have We Been? Available 6/3

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“Where Have You Been, Where Have We Been? ‘The First Five Years'” is NOW AVAILABLE on our the Brigands music page!

We’re five years into this wild experiment known as Brigands and I think it’s time to take a moment to reflect…new music

How convenient considering that our first compilation album, entitled “Where Have You Been, Where Have We Been? ‘The First Five Years'” is coming out in two weeks on Friday, June 3rd!

“Where Have You Been…” is a retrospective of the first/last five years of our existence and features remastered select cuts from the first five albums we have released; 3 songs per album to be precise (tracklisting below).

Acoustic versions of a handful of tracks have been recorded and included specifically for this compilation, as well, so in addition to offering the original music which again has been remastered and sounding better than ever, there are some new versions of a few tunes which no one has ever heard before to sweeten the deal.

If you’re just getting into our music, this retrospective will serve as a good place to start. It will initially be exclusively available on the Brigands BandCamp before getting a wider release.


Tracklist for “Where Have You Been, Where Have We Been – The First Five Years”:

1 – Discreet Love
2 – Dewar
3 – Friends With Cars
4 – Had to Try It
5 – Sunshine
6 – One and One
7 – Late Tonight
8 – Reach Girl
9 – Brooklyn Girls
10 – Beach House
11 – The Door’s Closed Now
12 – We Are We Are
13 – Off The Table
14 – Train Stations in November
15 – Have a Good Summer
16 – Lie Upon Lie (acoustic)
17 – Forgot You (acoustic demo)
18 – Like Crazy (acoustic)
19 – After Noon (acoustic)
20 – Everybody Has a Boyfriend (acoustic)